Fairwork Asia Network Online Talk Series 2021

Fairwork Asia Network Online Talk Series 2021 Work in the Planetary-scale Labour Market: Fairwork Cloudwork Ratings 2021


4:00-5:30pm HKT (9:00-10:30am GMT+1), Zoom

Cloudworkers on platforms like Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk are cast into a planetary-scale labour market, as their work can be performed from anywhere in the world with internet connection. These ‘independent contractors’ often experience high levels of subordination to, and dependence on platforms.

Based on surveys with 792 cloudworkers in 75 countries, Fairwork’s first ratings of 17 prominent cloudwork platforms found that the majority of them fail to provide basic standards of fairness for workers, and work on these platforms entails similar risks and harms to workers as in geographically-tethered platform work.


Dr. Kelle Howson, Postdoctoral researcher with the Fairwork project at the Oxford Internet Institute


Centre for Social Innovation, HKIAPS, CUHK


Ms. Tsui –