Evaluation Research
and Advisory Service

The Centre provides research and advisory services for civil society intermediary organizations and NGOs in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. Thus, through professional research and advisory services, we are supporting the development of civil society in the Greater China region.

The Centre has been conducting evaluation research and consultancy work for various government departments, foundations, and non-profit organizations in mainland China since 2008. Such work has included the “Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Report”, the “One Foundation Canonical Project Philanthropy Award Evaluation”, the “Global Greengrants Fund China Projects Evaluation”, the “Consultancy on Charity Development Evaluation Projects in Chinese Cities”, and more. These evaluation and consultancy projects have supported the strategic thinking of stakeholders from different domains of civil society in China, which has helped to promote the collaborative development of civil societies.

In Hong Kong, the Centre has similarly participated in academic research and consultancy projects on issues relating to the development of civil society. In the process, we have explored various tools for evaluating the effectiveness of such tools and their scope of application. The Centre joined the CUHK consultancy team in advising the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee under the Hong Kong government’s Home Affairs Bureau. We helped the Committee investigate the past experiences and future direction of the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong.